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Dallas Grocery Store Fall Lawyer

Having a slip and fall accident while at the grocery store can do more than just put a damper on your day. It can lead to lifelong injuries, lost work, and many medical bills. Thankfully, a personal injury attorney may help you recover the costs of those damages through a slip and fall claim.


Slip and Falls Happen Often at Grocery Stores

Whether in your own home, at a park, or out shopping, there are many places for slip and falls. Grocery stores pose many common hazards to patrons and employees. Among the pickle jars and spaghetti sauces, a bustle of people walking the aisles, and the polished tile floors, grocery stores create the perfect storm of safety hazards. In fact, grocery store slips and falls are so common that the industry spends an estimated $450 million each year defending against these claims. While it might seem like a case of David against Goliath, many grocery stores have given serious payouts to people injured due to their store’s negligence. For instance, in 2011, a jury in Colorado awarded a slip and fall plaintiff $15 million dollars when her fall at a local Walmart caused her to become disabled, resulting in the loss of her job as a truck driver. Another interesting case reveals the importance of timing for grocery stores. In 2012, a California jury sided with a plaintiff who slipped on a puddle of liquid soap, shattering her kneecap in a Costco store. The injured woman claimed multiple Costco employees had passed by and ignored the puddle. Costco had to pay over $400,000 for the woman’s medical bills as well as for her pain and suffering.

Can the Property Owner be Held Liable?

Of course, grocery store managers usually do their best to resolve slip and fall hazards as soon as they arise. In some cases, however, a slip and fall hazard remains unresolved and people can get hurt. Whether it’s because of employee negligence, lack of safety standards, or inadequate maintenance, there are plenty of ways you can hold a store owner liable for a slip and fall accident.

What Responsibility Does a Property Owner Have?

Property owners must maintain their properties to safeguard visitors and employees. Failure to do so is negligence, and their failure to properly maintain the store makes the property owner accountable for any accidents. For example, a grocery store that doesn’t have adequate lighting presents a significant safety hazard. If you trip and fall traveling down an aisle because you couldn’t see well, courts could find the grocery store owner liable.

Proving Liability: Comparative Negligence in Texas

Texas allows claimants to collect compensation even if they’re partially at fault. Under the modified comparative negligence clause, you can be up to 50% at fault for your own accident and still collect. So even if you were busy ticking off your grocery list when you tripped, you can still hold the owner liable. A personal injury attorney can minimize your fault percentage and maximize the total compensation you can claim. To do this, you will claim damages. These are any expenses you incurred as a result of an accident, such as medical bills, lost wages from missing work, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Grocery Store Slip and Fall Attorneys in Texas

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