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Dallas Daycare Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Daycare abuse is a terrifying reality, partly because parents and children are betrayed by the very people they trust most. Our children aren’t always equipped to communicate how they are being treated, either, making these situations infinitely complex. You may have heard the horror stories of daycare workers neglecting children, hitting them, or failing to reasonably protect them from harm while playing outside. Daycare workers are responsible for the care of all the children in their charge. When they fail to maintain a reasonable level of care, they are acting negligently and can be held legally liable for their actions. At Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. we honestly hope that we never see you in our offices because of daycare abuse. No parent should have to face the reality that someone abused or neglected his or her child. Swift action against the responsible parties will not only provide justice for your child, it can also save other children and families from suffering from the same fate. Please reach out to us if you see any signs that may indicate that your child is being abused when he or she is in a childcare program.

Types of Daycare Abuse and Signs to Watch Out For

Knowing the trademarks of daycare abuse can help you identify it early so you can protect your child from further danger. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation if you notice:
  • Neglect – Your child is always thirsty or hungry when he or she comes home.
  • Neglect – The daycare program consistently sends your child home with a soiled diaper.
  • Neglect or Abuse – Your child starts to act out or act socially withdrawn, in a manner inconsistent with his or her age and personality.
  • Neglect or Abuse – Your child has recurring nightmares or reverts to early-childhood behaviors.
  • Abuse – Your child starts to display an unusual degree of sexual interest, knowledge, or behavior.
  • Abuse – Your child has unexplained bruises or other injuries.

How to Report Daycare Abuse in Dallas

Any behaviors that are inconsistent with your child’s typical personality and behaviors should give a parent pause. Start investigating the moment you notice something off with your child, and don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional for a second opinion. You’re not being paranoid when your child’s health and safety are at risk. There are a few different ways that you can report daycare abuse. Always schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to ensure that you aren’t missing any signs of additional abuse and to confirm your suspicions. Your child’s doctor may notice signs that you have missed. Then, contact an attorney. There are several outlets where you can report child abuse, but an attorney can help you determine if there is any additional action you should take following reporting the daycare facility. Contact your local child protective services or family social services to report daycare abuse. If you suspect children are in immediate danger, call 911 and report the situation to the police. The national child abuse hotline is available at 800-4-A-CHILD. They automatically report any information to local agencies.

Pursuing a Child Abuse Case Against a Daycare Worker or Facility

Children’s rights need to be protected. Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. can help you do that by determining if there is further legal action that can help you secure compensation to cover the costs of therapy, medical care, and related expenses associated with a child abuse case. We work on a contingency fee basis, so unless we obtain compensation on your behalf, you won’t pay a dime for our services. Let us help you bring the responsible parties to justice and start the healing process after the horrifying experience of daycare child abuse. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.