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Fallen Merchandise Injuries

If a simple shopping trip turns into a painful slip and fall accident due to cluttered aisles or fallen merchandise on the floor, you may be entitled to financial compensation. All businesses and their employees have a responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of the premises for customers. If this responsibility is not met and a customer gets injured, the victim may be able to file a claim for the reimbursement of their medical bills and other losses. The attorneys at The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. can help you understand and protect your legal rights in this situation.

Who Is Responsible for Cleaning the Aisles in a Store?

Grocery stores, department stores, malls, restaurants and other public buildings should be reasonably safe for invited guests and customers (invitees). It is the responsibility of the store owner, occupier or controller to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the premises. In a big box store such as Walmart or Target, for example, it is the company’s legal responsibility to have protocols in place for keeping aisles clear and free from fall hazards. Store employees should perform regular floor checks and pick up fallen merchandise, for example. The stores should also be laid out in a way that prevents cluttered aisles. If a store or one of its employees falls short of the responsibility to prevent slip and trip hazards, the company could bear liability (financial responsibility) for a victim’s injuries and losses. If an investigation determines that the company or property owner should have done more to prevent the accident, it may have to pay for the victim’s related medical bills, travel costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. It will be up to you or your slip and fall accident lawyer, however, to prove fault for your accident as a plaintiff.

What to Do if You Trip Over Merchandise on a Store Floor

There are steps that you can take immediately after an accident involving cluttered aisles and fallen merchandise to begin building your injury case. First, report your accident to a store supervisor or manager. Reporting your accident right away can lead to an accident report that proves that it happened, plus documented details such as the exact time, date and location of the fall. Before a store employee has the chance to clean up clutter or fallen merchandise, use your smartphone to take pictures of the scene of your accident. If anyone saw you trip and fall in the store, get the witness’s name and phone number. Collecting statements from eyewitnesses can help you prove the elements of your premises liability case. Go to a hospital right away for injury treatment. Delaying medical care even by a day could give an insurance company a reason to blame you for the extent of your injuries. File an insurance claim against the store or company where your accident happened. Before you accept an insurance settlement, however, consult with an attorney to learn the true value of your case.

Injured Due to Cluttered Aisles or Fallen Merchandise? Contact Us Today

If a business owner or employee failed to inspect a store for hazards and this led to a trip and fall accident, you may be eligible for financial compensation as an injured victim. At The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C., our slip and fall accident lawyers will review the facts of your case and let you know how we can help you achieve justice and a financial recovery. We can negotiate with an insurance provider, take steps to prove your losses and fight for maximum compensation. You do not have to recover from a trip and fall accident alone. Contact us today to request a free consultation about an accident caused by cluttered aisles or fallen merchandise in Dallas, Texas.