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3 Home Fire Safety Prevention Tips for Winter

Posted on November 7, 2021 Safety
Wintertime home structure fires are shockingly common in the U.S. They cause thousands of serious injuries and deaths every year. Fire departments respond to an average of 354,400 house fires per year – the cause of about 11,220 injuries and 2,620 deaths annually. The winter months of December through February account for 30% of...
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Common Fourth of July Safety Mistakes

Posted on June 22, 2020 Safety
This year, the Fourth of July holiday falls on a Saturday – making it, even more, inviting for events such as barbecues, pool parties and firework displays. No matter how you plan on celebrating Independence Day, do so safely. The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous days of the year in...
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Texas Firework Laws

Posted on June 22, 2020 Safety
The 4th of July is less than a month away, and while it may look a bit different from previous years due to the coronavirus, many people in Texas are still planning to celebrate in a familiar way – with fireworks. Whether you plan on attending a public display and social distancing or celebrating...
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Texas Dashboard Camera Laws

Posted on March 7, 2020 Safety
Dashboard cameras have grown in popularity among drivers now that this technology has become more affordable. Dash cams can record what goes on inside or outside the cab of a car, including auto accidents. They can be useful as a source of evidence during a car accident insurance claim or civil lawsuit. Many drivers...
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Are Landlords Responsible for a Tenant’s Safety?

Posted on February 9, 2020 Personal Injury
When you sign a lease to rent a space, you become responsible for certain things, such as replacing the batteries in a fire alarm. Your landlord, however, will retain legal responsibility for other things. Your leasing agreement can describe which aspects of the home or apartment are your responsibility and which are your landlord’s....
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