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Motorcycle Accidents

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Texas Motorcycle Insurance Requirements & Laws

Posted on August 20, 2021 Motorcycle Accidents
Purchasing auto insurance is an important part of being a responsible citizen in Texas. Insurance is a guarantee that you can afford to pay for any damage that you cause in a motor vehicle accident. Operating a motor vehicle, including a motorcycle, without the required insurance or proof of financial responsibility is against the...
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How to Prove Negligence in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Posted on August 19, 2021 Motorcycle Accidents
If you file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit for a motorcycle accident in Texas, your case will most likely involve the legal theory of negligence. Negligence is a nuanced part of personal injury law with many related rules and requirements. If you need assistance proving or establishing negligence in your motorcycle accident...
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How Do You Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Handle Your Case?

Posted on August 16, 2021 Motorcycle Accidents
Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to help you with your injury case can make it easier to recover the financial compensation that you deserve. The right attorney can stand by your side throughout the legal process, answering your questions and improving your peace of mind when you need help the most. A good lawyer...
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Can You Get PTSD After a Motorcycle Accident?

Posted on August 12, 2021 Motorcycle Accidents
Many people associate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with soldiers who have been in active war zones. Although this is a common cause of PTSD and psychological trauma, it is not the only cause. Living through any type of trauma, including automobile accidents, can result in post-traumatic stress disorder. If you are diagnosed with PTSD...
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What Happens to the Brain in a Motorcycle Crash?

Posted on April 26, 2021 Motorcycle Accidents
Traumatic brain injuries, also called TBIs, are more common in motorcycle accidents than other types of automobile accidents. A motorcyclist can suffer severe damage to the brain from an impact between the skull and an external object in a crash, such as the hood of a car or asphalt. Understanding the mechanics of what...
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