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Ways to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on December 30, 2018 Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycles are fun vehicles for many Americans, but it is essential to acknowledge the inherent dangers of riding motorcycles and the risks of an accident. A motorcyclist has very little protection in the event of an accident, and some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents are avoidable with appropriate precautions. When a negligent driver causes a motorcycle accident in Texas, a motorcycle accident attorney in Dallas can help an injured victim recover his or her losses with a personal injury lawsuit.

Evade Left-Hand Turn Accidents

Cars turning left present one of the biggest hazards for motorcyclists. A driver may not see an oncoming motorcycle due to the bike’s small size and make a left turn directly in the path of a motorcycle in the opposite lane. Motorcyclists can avoid these accidents with vigilance and safe driving. If a collision is imminent, reducing speed as quickly as possible is the best way to limit injuries and damage.

Blind Corner Accidents

Motorcycles are incredibly maneuverable, and riders need to use this to their advantage when it comes to safety. When rounding a blind corner, reduce speed and be ready to react to changing road conditions. Hitting a patch of gravel or sand around a blind corner can easily lead to a wipeout. Riders should stay at safe speeds to maximize their available reaction time to dodge hazards around blind corners.

Lane-Change Accidents

Some drivers may overlook motorcyclists in their blind spots and inadvertently change lanes directly into a rider’s lane. The motorcyclist needs to account for other drivers’ blind spots and avoid lingering in them for too long. Staying vigilant and maintaining safe speeds are the best ways to avoid collisions from drivers who fail to look before changing lanes.

Rear-End Collisions

These accidents may only be minor fender-benders for enclosed passenger cars but they can be fatal for motorcyclists. If you are riding a motorcycle and stop at an intersection behind other cars, you can actually use those vehicles as a cushion against a driver who could rear-end you from behind. Pull ahead of a stopped driver in front of you and wave to indicate that you need to do so for safety reasons. This greatly reduces the chances of another driver rear-ending your bike.

Front Brake Lock-Ups

Misusing the front brake of a motorcycle can easily lead to a serious accident, and many riders can minimize the chances of such accidents simply by learning to appropriately use their front brakes or by purchasing motorcycles with antilock braking systems. It’s vital to learn how to reduce braking distance with the front brake without the rear tire lifting too high off the ground, and practice is the best option.

Inclement Weather and Slippery Road Conditions

Tires are the most important factor when it comes to avoiding accidents from slippery road surfaces. Make sure your motorcycle has appropriate tires for the surfaces on which you intend to drive. For example, you don’t want to take track rubber tires on highway. Improper tires can cause severe problems for motorcyclists. It’s also crucial to stay vigilant for other risks like wet manhole covers, gas and oil deposits on the road, and debris.

Alcohol-Related Crashes

More than 40% of fatal single-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles happen due to alcohol consumption. The best way to avoid this risk is by simply refraining from drinking and driving. Alcohol severely impacts driving ability, and a motorcyclist faces a much higher risk than a driver of a passenger vehicle in an alcohol-related accident. Driving under the influence not only leads to fatal accidents, it can also cause severe injuries as well as a host of legal penalties including fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges. When motorcycle accidents happen in Texas, a motorcycle accident attorney in Dallas can help an injured victim determine his or her best options for legal recourse. However, by implementing a few best practices, riding at reasonable speeds, and staying vigilant for changing traffic conditions, motorcyclists can avoid many of the most common motorcycle accidents seen on the road.