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Texas Walmart Accident Lawyers | Walmart Injury Attorneys

Posted on August 4, 2016 Personal Injury
Texas Walmart Accident Lawyers | Walmart Injury Attorneys Walmart is the world’s largest retail corporation. Walmart uses low prices to attract a high volume of customers. Walmart stores are spread widely throughout the state of Texas.   Walmart’s presence in Texas includes over 500 stores. Walmart also has a high number of customer injuries reported. Many times these injuries are the result of the negligent acts or omissions of Walmart employees . Hiring experienced Texas Walmart slip and fall accident lawyers soon after any injury at Walmart is critical to maximizing your recovery.

What are some of the causes of Walmart accidents in Texas?

Slip and fall accidents, otherwise known as premises liability accidents, happen every day in Walmart stores around Texas. Numerous people incur injuries from slipping, tripping or from falling merchandise.  When these negligent accidents occur, Texans often suffer serious, even life threatening injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Walmart store you need an experienced personal injury attorney to maximize the recovery in your case. Our experienced Walmart personal injury attorneys at the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert can fight to make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to under Texas law.

What to do after a Walmart accident in Texas.

Walmart has a responsibility to protect Walmart customers from dangerous conditions. When an injury occurs at a Walmart store,  report the accident to the store manager or to the customer service desk. Store management will ask the victim to fill out an accident report form. If no form is furnished, you should request one.  If there are witnesses to the accident, ask for their names and contact information. If possible, take a picture of the scene of the accident. A floor spillage, unattended pallet on the aisle or an item that fell off a store shelf can be best documented by taking pictures of it. Having these pictures will increase the probability of winning your claim.

Why hire our experienced Walmart injury law firm? 

Our Texas Walmart accident lawyers understand the seriousness of falls and other Walmart accidents that happen in Walmart stores. A sudden fall can result in broken bones, head injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. If you or your loved one sustained injuries in a Texas Walmart store, obtaining experienced legal help is critical to your case. Walmart store managers are trained to act quickly in limiting their exposure to liability. Evidence of an accident is often cleaned up immediately, photographs are prohibited and witnesses normally pulled away. Protect your legal rights and contact an experienced Texas Walmart accident attorney to establish fault.

Contact our Texas Walmart accident attorneys today.

It can be especially challenging to pursue claims and recover after Walmart accidents because Walmart it is such a large corporation. Walmart has the money to cover even serious injuries, but they also have teams of attorneys whose job it is to fight legal claims. Even in cases where the store’s liability seems clear, it is important to get a free consultation from an experienced Walmart injury lawyer. Our attorneys have over four decades of experience fighting for victims’ legal rights and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call our office today at (972)HELP-YOU.