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Should I Handle My Personal Injury Claim Alone or Hire a Lawyer?

Posted on June 21, 2021 Personal Injury
If you get injured in an accident in Dallas, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Unfortunately, the personal injury claims process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can vastly improve your legal experience and the outcome of your case. Not all personal injury claims require legal representation, however. Find out when you might need an attorney and when you can handle your claim alone. Should I Handle My Personal Injury Claim Alone or Hire a Lawyer?

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Claims?

If you wish to handle your own claim, you must at least know what you’re getting into. The insurance company that you will be up against does not have your best interests in mind. The insurance company’s number one goal is to increase its profits. Even if you weren’t at fault for the accident, the insurance company will try its best to diminish your payout or deny benefits altogether. This can make it difficult to obtain a fair and full amount for your injuries and losses. When going up against an insurance claims adjuster (the professional assigned to review your claim), do not admit any fault for the accident and do not agree to give a recorded statement. The recorded statement is a tactic used to take advantage of you by using your own words against you later. Politely explain that you will submit a written statement to the insurer instead at a later date. If you are offered a settlement, make sure it adequately pays for your present and future medical care, losses of income, property repairs, and other damages before accepting.

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Some personal injury claims are simple or not worth enough money to need attorneys. It may be easy for you to bring a claim against someone else’s insurance company and receive fair compensation for minor injuries, for example. In this case, you can most likely successfully handle the claims process alone and save money on an attorney. If, however, your injury claim has complicating factors, you may need to hire a lawyer to properly handle your case. Complicating factors can include:
  • Severe or catastrophic injuries
  • Permanently disabling injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Complicated legal elements
  • Liability dispute or multiple defendants
  • The comparative negligence defense
  • Underpaid claim
  • Delayed investigation or payout
  • No response from the insurance company
  • A wrongfully denied insurance claim
If your accident caused minor or no injuries, the defendant is not arguing fault, you receive an adequate settlement offer or the maximum amount available, you are comfortable researching the laws in your state on your own, and you can negotiate effectively with an insurance claims adjuster, you may not need to hire a personal injury attorney. If you encounter any issues during your claim, however, or wish to ensure the protection of your legal rights, hiring a lawyer is the right choice.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

The number one reason injured accident victims choose to navigate their claims alone is concern over the cost of hiring an attorney. Many personal injury lawyers, however, operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not have to pay the lawyer anything upfront to handle your claim. Instead, you will only pay if and when the attorney obtains financial compensation for your injuries on your behalf. If your lawyer does win your case, he or she will deduct attorney’s fees as a percentage of the overall settlement or judgment award won. That way, you never have to afford your personal injury attorney out of pocket. You can always schedule a free consultation to find out if the lawyer is worth the cost. Lawyers are honest with their legal opinions on whether clients need professional legal help, as they will not waste their time or resources on claims that are simple enough to be handled alone. Learn more about your unique case today by contacting The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C.