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Dallas Explosion Injury Attorney

Workplace explosions happen more often than many workers realize – especially in industries that deal with chemicals, oil and gas, or electrical components. An explosion could cause catastrophic and permanent personal injuries. If you have injuries from an occupational explosion, or if you lost a loved one in this type of accident, contact the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers can help your family fight for fair compensation. Call (855) 655-HURT today to speak to an attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

While a lawyer can be helpful after any type of personal injury, legal representation is critical when the victim has suffered life-changing catastrophic injuries. An explosion could cause severe burns, traumatic amputations, permanent blindness or deafness, or wrongful death. Such serious losses require the best possible case outcomes for victims and their families. Taking on your case alone could result in you accepting a too-low settlement from an insurance company. Hiring a lawyer ensures you do not settle until the defendant offers a fair amount.

Common Types of Workplace Explosions

What might cause an explosion at work? The answer depends on your industry and the industrial machinery involved. Explosions can occur when gas, oil, chemicals, or other flammable substances connect with a spark or electric current. The explosion that caused your recent injuries or a loved one’s death could have been one of a few different types.
  • Natural gas explosion. Many businesses in Texas rely on natural gas for fuel and heat. Natural gas reaches the building through a network of underground pipes. Poor installation could lead to a natural gas leak, and a subsequent gas explosion.
  • Oil explosion. Working on an oil rig could run the risk of an explosion accident. Oil is highly flammable. Incidents such as overfilling an oil unit at a refinery could lead to spills, hazards, and an explosion.
  • Chemical explosion. If you work in an industry that uses hazardous chemicals, such as a laboratory or drug manufacturing facility, you could be at risk of a chemical explosion. Improper storage of explosive chemicals could cause these disasters.
Many appliances you might encounter at work could also explode in the wrong conditions. A boiler, for example, could become explosive if it does not receive adequate maintenance. Explosions of all types can cause significant property damage and personal injuries. No matter what type of explosion recently affected you, a lawyer could help.

Explosion-Related Personal Injuries

As the victim of a workplace explosion, you may now live with numerous personal injuries. The blast of an explosion may have knocked you off your feet, causing fall or impact injuries such as a concussion or broken bone. The heat flash may have caused thermal burns or caused your clothing to catch on fire. Shrapnel may have penetrated your flesh or caused lacerations. Other common explosion-related injuries include blast lung, ear damage, internal bleeding, eye rupture or penetration, traumatic amputations, brain injuries, burns, crush injuries, and respiratory problems.

Is Someone Else Liable for Your Damages?

Liability, or legal responsibility, will fall to the party or parties most at fault for causing your injuries in Texas. This may be your employer for failing to maintain a safe workplace, or a product manufacturer for releasing a defective and dangerous product. Determining liability is important if you wish to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. You will not need to prove liability to obtain workers’ compensation, but a workers’ comp claim may not be enough to satisfy your financial needs. Our attorneys can help you assign fault and gather any available evidence of negligence to build your case.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. have the experience you need for a strong explosion incident claim. We can help you isolate the cause of the explosion, file a claim against the responsible parties, and get you the financial compensation you need for medical care. Get answers to your questions during a free consultation. Call (855) 655-HURT or contact us online.