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How Do I Know If I Need a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

Posted on April 29, 2021 Brain Injury
No one plans on sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If the unexpected happens and you or a loved one suffer a brain injury, however, it is critical to prepare for the process ahead. You may need to hire a traumatic brain injury attorney in Dallas if someone else’s careless or reckless actions caused your injury. Seeking the advice of a legal professional can ensure the protection of your rights at a critical time in your life.

What Caused Your Traumatic Brain Injury?

Not every traumatic brain injury gives the victim the right to file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. In Texas, an injured victim will only have grounds to seek financial compensation if another person or party caused or contributed to the injury in question. Some of the most common accidents that cause traumatic brain injuries and give the victim the right to file a lawsuit are:
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Ladder falls
  • Sports impacts
  • Physical assaults, abuse or violence
  • Explosions
These types of incidents are often preventable and stem from someone else’s negligence, such as a distracted driver or careless property owner. In personal injury law, negligence is the failure to apply an adequate amount of care based on the circumstances. If you believe someone else’s negligence caused your TBI, you may need an attorney to assist you with the claims process.

Do You Have a Complicated Case?

If you do have grounds to file a lawsuit in Texas, you could be eligible for financial compensation for your past and future medical expenses, physical therapy, medications, surgeries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to obtain a fair amount for a traumatic brain injury – especially a severe TBI that will result in long-term economic and noneconomic damages. If your traumatic brain injury case involves any of the following complications, it is imperative to hire an attorney to help you navigate the legal process:
  • Long-term or permanent effects from a TBI
  • Ongoing medical care or rehabilitation
  • The inability to work
  • Multiple at-fault parties
  • A liability dispute between insurance companies
  • Lack of adequate insurance coverage
  • Wrongfully denied insurance claim
Obstacles during a brain injury claim can get in the way of your ability to obtain the financial compensation your family needs to pay for necessary medical care. Only a personal injury lawyer will have the knowledge, resources and experience to successfully handle these issues if they arise.

How Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Help?

Most personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not pay a penny in attorney’s fees unless he or she obtains financial compensation for your damages. This can help you make a decision if you were hesitating based on the cost of an attorney. If you are not sure whether you need a traumatic brain injury attorney to represent you during a claim, review all of the ways an attorney can help you during a claim. A TBI lawyer can:
  • Connect you to brain injury specialists in Dallas
  • Answer your legal questions
  • Investigate your accident
  • Collect and preserve key evidence
  • Obtain copies of medical records and police reports
  • File an insurance claim on your behalf
  • Negotiate for the compensation you deserve
  • Take your TBI case to trial, if necessary
Most importantly, a traumatic brain injury attorney in Dallas can give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate your attention on healing and recuperating. You can rest assured that your attorney is fighting for justice and maximum financial compensation on your behalf while you focus on medical treatments and rehabilitation. For more information about how a traumatic brain injury attorney can help you, request a free consultation at The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C.