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We Fight  Fraudulent Hospital Liens If you are the victim of the hospital lien scam in Texas, you may be owed compensation. Did you have a hospital lien filed against you? Have you been receiving collection letters and getting collection calls for your hospital bills? Has your credit score gone down since your hospital visit? Has a hospital lien made it difficult to resolve a personal injury claim? These are all common symptoms of what is known in Texas as the “Hospital Lien Scam.” Hospitals in Texas have been grossly overcharing and illegally extorting money from their patients for years. This illegal activity has been putting thousands of hard working Texas in serious financial trouble and even bankruptcy. There is a solution! Under Texas law you could potentially be awarded $10,000.00 per violation if a hospital filed a fraudulent hospital lien against you.

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The Hospital Lien Scam 1) You Visited The ER: Your ER visit could have been for anything; a car accident, an illness, a heart attack. the beginning step of this scam is all the same 2) Hospital Ran Examinations, Tests, Etc.: Doctors are often placed in a very peculiar dilemma. As part of their Hippocratic Oath, they are sworn to do whatever is necessary to treat you; on the flip side, the hospital is sworn to their shareholders to do whatever is necessary to make the most money. This is where you’ll see instances of “over-examination,” “over-treatment,” and even bizarre examinations that have nothing to do with your injury, running your hospital bill up and up to an extraordinary total. 3) You Were Discharged From The ER: There is a very important distinction between being admitted into the hospital (which is required by Texas Law to have a hospital lien filed against you), and simply being treated in the ER. The ER visit itself may take several hours, and you may even be placed in a specific room INSIDE the ER, but unless a doctor ordered you to be admitted into the hospital, you have not been admitted into the hospital. 4) Hospital Files A Lien Against You At The County Clerk’s Office: The hospital takes your overcharged hospital bill and almost immediately files a hospital lien against you. This is potentially illegal for various reasons.
 How Do I Know If I Had A Hospital Lien Filed Against Me? You have a few options, you may call (855) 655-HURT, and we may research on your behalf and send you a free copy of your hospital lien Or you may contact the county clerk’s office where your hospital is located.