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Dallas Dram Shop Liability Attorney

Alcohol is behind some of the most devastating personal injuries in Dallas. Every year, thousands of people suffer serious injuries and die in drunk driving accidents throughout Texas. Intoxication is also responsible for physical assaults, slip and fall accidents, and cases of alcohol poisoning. If a drunken person caused you or a loved one’s recent injuries, you may not only have a claim against the intoxicated individual but also against the vendor (dram shop) that furnished the person with alcohol, according to Texas law. If you need help, speak to a Dallas dram shop liability lawyer today!


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What Is Dram Shop Liability?

A dram shop injury claim aims to hold an alcohol vendor legally responsible for furnishing alcohol to an individual who goes on to cause an alcohol-related accident and damages. Texas’ dram shop law states that an alcohol provider could be civilly liable for serving beverages to an individual who is obviously intoxicated and poses a hazard to him/herself or others if the recipient’s intoxication was the proximate cause of another person’s damages. Dram shop liability means an alcohol vendor could be accountable for a Dallas DUI Accident if it provided the at-fault party with the alcohol that caused intoxication.

What Establishments Can Be Held Responsible?

Texas’ dram shop law defines an alcohol provider as anyone who sells or serves alcoholic beverages using an alcohol license or permit, or who otherwise sells alcohol to an individual. This broad definition means almost anyone who provides alcohol to another person – whether officially or just as a friend – could be responsible for what that person does while under the influence of the alcohol. This can include bars, restaurants, nightclubs, liquor stores, social hosts and individuals. A social host may not be liable, however, if he or she was the parent, legal guardian or spouse of the intoxicated person, and if the intoxicated person was a minor.

Can Establishments Be Responsible for a DUI?

Yes, an establishment could be responsible for a driving under the influence (DUI) accident if that establishment furnished the drunk driver with alcohol. If another establishment reasonably would not have served a patron alcohol due to obvious intoxication, the establishment in question could be liable for the drunk driver’s actions. The drunk driver will not be able to hold the establishment responsible for his or her accident, but victims of the DUI accident may have this right. A Dallas dram shop liability lawyer can help you determine who was responsible.

Does Dram Shop Liability Only Relate to Car Accidents?

Dram shop laws in Texas do not only relate to drunk driving auto accidents. A dram shop could also be vicariously liable for alcohol-related assaults, sex crimes, acts of violence, property damage, vandalism and other crimes or acts of negligence an intoxicated individual commits if the dram shop furnished the alcohol to the individual.

What Is the Time Limit?

In Texas, the time limit to file a dram shop injury claim is typically two years from the date of the injury or damages in question. As the victim of a Dallas car accident or another alcohol-related incident, you will have two years from the date you suffered your damages to bring a lawsuit against a dram shop. Missing your deadline will generally mean losing the right to demand compensation. What is the time limit for a dram shop claim?

Do I Need to Provide Information?

If you were recently involved in a DUI accident or an intoxicated individual caused you harm in another way, such as physical assault, contact the Dallas dram shop liability attorneys at the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. with information about your case. You can submit our online intake form with your name, phone number, email address and a brief description of your case, or you can call us at (214) 200-4878 to give us your information over the phone. Initial case evaluations are always free and confidential.